goodnight * s t a r l i g h t (soirdeparis) wrote,
goodnight * s t a r l i g h t

I miss my friends so much. Talking with Liz now- haven't talked to her in months and she was one of my closest childhood friends. She's going to Times Square tomorrow with the other girls - I missss them. I want to go!! Why do they have to be all the way over on the east coast?

Yesterday the girls got together and went to lunch. Haha I just heard all about it- its always been the 4 of us but now I feel so left out. Its so hard to keep in touch with them during the school year. Liz is involved w/ the Navy & her sorority all the time, Steph is David!David!David! 24/7 & Laura goes to Princeton so she has a lot to deal with too. But during the holidays they always get together, have girls nights out- just like old times.

I have lots of high school friends here too & they're all going out tomorrow night too but its just not the same. The last time I went back to CT (summer 2001) I had soo much fun. I want to go visit again.

In other news, I'm getting a new livejournal for 2003. Will keep you posted.
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