goodnight * s t a r l i g h t (soirdeparis) wrote,
goodnight * s t a r l i g h t

I always update LJ so much during hoildays because I'm so bored. I stayed home today and read a bunch, listend to some opera.. I loooooooooove Angela Gheorghiu. i left my Norah Jones CD in my laptop :( and my mom has my laptop :( Oh well, I am off to watch Entertainment Tonight because I love celebrity gossip. Haha.

On a sad note- my dad is so sick :( He had to go to the ER at 5am Christmas morning and he's at the doctors again now trying to get a perscription for Oxycontin :( He was on Endocet and it wasn't helping- he had to take pills every 2 hours b/c he couldn't tolerate the pain for 6 hours :( Pain killers are so scary. I don't like them. Last night he actaully called a family friend Dr Katz whose a neurologist from Connecticut to quickly call in some medication. I was reading his perscription labels and was surprised to see that. Poor dad :( I hope he gets better soon. He has varicella-zoster :( I hope I don't get the chicken pox. I've never gotten it before and apparently I could get it from being too close to him :(
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