goodnight * s t a r l i g h t (soirdeparis) wrote,
goodnight * s t a r l i g h t

My mom sent me on an errand... to the mall. Haha. That was so fun. I only had an hour and half but I am capable of doing a lot of damange in only a little time :) First I hit Nordstrom where I returned some stuff for her and bought her another bottle of Serum de la Mer. Then I went to Sephora, bought late Christmas gifts for Anna & Cindy, an eyelash curler, this pedicure thing and Shiseido Pureness Pore Mask. Yay for retail therapy.

It was so nice to be out driving today- such a beautiful day in Seattle. Its supposed to start storming tonight so I was glad I had the chance to drive around in the sun. But everyone and their mother was at the mall. God it was such a pain trying to find a parking spot and I almost hit a woman :( I am such a hazard omg it was so scary. I love going fast though. Oh the way home I hit 90 on the freeway but then I got scared that I would get pulled over for reckless so I slowed down. Haha. I want to have the highway all to myself.
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