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Everything is always so perfect around the holidays. That is why I love December so much because this month has been nothing less than fabulous. I'm sitting here on my bed, in my pajamas, surrounded by my books and magazines, wrapping paper and gifts, listening to good Christmas music (Where are you at Christmas - haha) and finishing my sandwich (where I got at Nordstrom of all places- hehe). Today was so fun! Despite some communication problems, Marian and I made it downtown by 4:30 (4 hours after we'd originally planned to arrive) and caught the 4:50 showing of Two Week's Notice. What a cute movie!! It was so adorable. I really liked it; partly because I love Hugh Grant, partly because they had fabulous cinematography of New York, and partly because the plot was way cute. So afterwards, we went shopping. Actaully, I went shopping and just dragged poor Marian along. She was so cold too :( and she stopped so I could take random pictures like every 10 minutes. But I got great pictures of downtown Seattle during Christmas including 5 pictures of Tiffany's, 3 of Nordstrom, and 2 of the Bon star. Will post later after I develop them. Marian got some on her digital camera too so maybe I'll steal a few from her. Hehe!! Went to Nordstrom and got my dad this moiseturizer from Philosophy. It was a freaking expensive bottle of moiseturizer so he better like it! And I got my mom handcream from H2O and my baby bro a Harry Potter Deluxe Journal w/ light because he decided recently that he wanted to start a journal. Right...

Speaking of journals, I found my 6th grade diary. Oh the stuff in there are so funny:


I am a prodigy. David and Ted said that I was a prodigy because I'm the only kid in Algebra who is in the 6th grade. But I think prodigies are freaky :(


... it was fun but then I spilled ammonia on the study room table and I got in trouble. Speaking of trouble, that is what daddy got in with the police because he forgot his liscence and the police caught him...


(Jess you would appreciate this one): So I found out that JF is gifted and talented. WHAT? Jess is not exactly a friend- shes so snobbish and annoying. Sometimes shes mean too :(


I got a new bed today but I couldn't sleep in it. My brother got to sleep in it. Can you believe it? It is so unfair.


Diaster struck! My hair! Its! So! Short! What will my teachers, friends and foe think? I'll just have to quit school...


In Spanish, Tommy Johnson sits across from me. He is such a stupid bitch. Just because I wouldn't give himi answers, he's telling everybody that he loves me and he watns to go out with me. Talk about harrassment. Ello, the werid guy, asked me to go out. I said no way. Why is life so hard??

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