goodnight * s t a r l i g h t (soirdeparis) wrote,
goodnight * s t a r l i g h t

I wonder if there’s an office party or something? I seem to be the only one sitting here working and its only 3:45. Hmm.

Well. . . this morning I went back to my high school, visited teachers and friends. Yay it was so fun. Caught up with the gossip and talked with my favorite teachers. That was fun. Then I took the bus out and came to work. Tomorrow I’m going downtown (yay!) to watch a movie & go shopping & walk around. Which reminds me that today while I was changing busses on 4th Ave I walked into Tullys for a sandwich and walked out with the cutests glass coffee mug. It says ‘Warmest Wishes. Tully’s Coffee” in burgundy and gold.

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