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I miss my friends so much. Talking with Liz now- haven't talked to her in months and she was one of my closest childhood friends. She's going to Times Square tomorrow with the other girls - I missss them. I want to go!! Why do they have to be all the way over on the east coast?

Yesterday the girls got together and went to lunch. Haha I just heard all about it- its always been the 4 of us but now I feel so left out. Its so hard to keep in touch with them during the school year. Liz is involved w/ the Navy & her sorority all the time, Steph is David!David!David! 24/7 & Laura goes to Princeton so she has a lot to deal with too. But during the holidays they always get together, have girls nights out- just like old times.

I have lots of high school friends here too & they're all going out tomorrow night too but its just not the same. The last time I went back to CT (summer 2001) I had soo much fun. I want to go visit again.

In other news, I'm getting a new livejournal for 2003. Will keep you posted.

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You guys I'm sorry but I have to do a little LJ friends list clean up. I just don't have time to read everyone. I'm going to take out a fairly substantial portion of my list- just leaving some of my offline friends and close online acquaintances. I feel bad about taking people off but please don't be insulted. Most of my entries are public so if you still want to read me, you can keep me on (or you can take me off if you wish).

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It occured to me recently that I don't really know what I am doing as an pre-economics major. I don't really like economics. I don't really like reading the Wall Street Journal & I definately don't want to take financial accounting. Why do I want to go into a business related field again? ummmm lifestlye maybe? But in this icky economy I don't even know about that...

So.. I don't really know what I want to do. Another thought that I've kept in the back of my mind for a long time was dermatology. Pros: its relatively clean, I can choose to go either way w/ surgery, cancer etc (probably not) or cosmetics (probably yes), and it pays well. Cons: chemistry. Ugh I'm always swinging between medical school & law school but grrr I hate chemistry. Scary scary- I hate being so indecisive!!

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C H I C A G O!

Dug around and found my small photography collection of Chicago I took late 2001. It was on my site for a while last year before I took it off to revamp my photography section. Haha it never went up again. Its only 8 pictures but I'm in the middle of putting up the Seattle gallery so more coming soon (maybe). If anyone wants to buy me tickets to Chicago, I'll gladly go and take more pictures :) I love urban architecture!

UPDATE: no one told me that there was a massive broken link:( well you can all see the last picture now :)

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Home finally!! My dad's sleeping.. my mom's watching telly, my bro is doing homework (haha!) and I.. finally bought the shoes (in camel- more practical than the blue)!!!! YAY. no more obsessing over them now and it will be a nice surprise to get them when I go back to school.

So winds here are 60mph and picking up :( There was a massive power outage and there were no functioning red/green lights. Haha that is always an adventure.

Guess I'll work on my Rome application now. Hope I get in!

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Updating at my dad's office. I'm just sitting here waiting until he's ready to go home. He feels so miserable :( I think the pain killers (yup hes on more than one) are making him nauseaous. Well he's sleeping in his chair- haha- I'm so bored I have nothing to do. La la la.. I want to go see Chicago and I also want to buy those shoes. I have to go to the bank today before the storm b/c otherwise if I buy them I'll only have 20cents left in my bank account. I wish my dad would wake up - he'd be a lot comfortable in his bed than in his office chair.

I miss my uni friends a lot. Last night Myra called for 2 hours yaaaay. I was totally not expecting her to call- so good to hear from her. I want to call Elissa, la la la I'm so bored.

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I always update LJ so much during hoildays because I'm so bored. I stayed home today and read a bunch, listend to some opera.. I loooooooooove Angela Gheorghiu. i left my Norah Jones CD in my laptop :( and my mom has my laptop :( Oh well, I am off to watch Entertainment Tonight because I love celebrity gossip. Haha.

On a sad note- my dad is so sick :( He had to go to the ER at 5am Christmas morning and he's at the doctors again now trying to get a perscription for Oxycontin :( He was on Endocet and it wasn't helping- he had to take pills every 2 hours b/c he couldn't tolerate the pain for 6 hours :( Pain killers are so scary. I don't like them. Last night he actaully called a family friend Dr Katz whose a neurologist from Connecticut to quickly call in some medication. I was reading his perscription labels and was surprised to see that. Poor dad :( I hope he gets better soon. He has varicella-zoster :( I hope I don't get the chicken pox. I've never gotten it before and apparently I could get it from being too close to him :(

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My mom sent me on an errand... to the mall. Haha. That was so fun. I only had an hour and half but I am capable of doing a lot of damange in only a little time :) First I hit Nordstrom where I returned some stuff for her and bought her another bottle of Serum de la Mer. Then I went to Sephora, bought late Christmas gifts for Anna & Cindy, an eyelash curler, this pedicure thing and Shiseido Pureness Pore Mask. Yay for retail therapy.

It was so nice to be out driving today- such a beautiful day in Seattle. Its supposed to start storming tonight so I was glad I had the chance to drive around in the sun. But everyone and their mother was at the mall. God it was such a pain trying to find a parking spot and I almost hit a woman :( I am such a hazard omg it was so scary. I love going fast though. Oh the way home I hit 90 on the freeway but then I got scared that I would get pulled over for reckless so I slowed down. Haha. I want to have the highway all to myself.